Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote of the Month - May '09

I have been enjoying a guilty pleasure recently. Now that I am tied to a nursing/kvetching kid several hours a day, with many of these hours falling very late at night when everyone else is sleeping, I had to find something to entertain myself during that time. And yes, for all those concerned, I do interact with my child during these precious moments, but when rocking the kid gets tough at 2 a.m, I think I am entitled to something decadent. So that guilty pleasure is 3rd Rock From the Sun DVDs. While watching these, I came across the following conversation, which was kind of perfect for the moment.

(A little background info. This show is about 4 aliens who assume human bodies to learn about Earth and its inhabitants.)

Lieutenant: Why am I the woman?
High Commander: Because you lost.

I just LOOOOVE this quote.

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