Thursday, April 2, 2009


As any preggie knows, unless she lives in a cave (and if she does, my problems will seem very petty to her), some people's reactions to pregnant women are very peculiar. These people feel obligated to make a comment, ask a question, share a horrific labor/delivery story (my personal favorite!) or touch your stomach every time they see you, even if they see you three times a day. Usually it's the same people, the same comments, the same questions - you get the drill. Often these comments are made, though in good nature and with best intentions in mind, without slightest regard to preggie's desires to discuss pregnancy and her state of mind (like being afraid, no petrified, no scared to death about any complications).

So after careful consideration I came up with the following T-shirt for myself. I never got to making one, but was close to pinning the sign with the following text on my huge (thank you for bringing it up, folks, like three hundred times a day!) stomach:

Due date is March,
I am huge,
Pregnancy is uncomfortable,
Sex is unknown,
Labor will hurt.
Please send further inquiries and comments in written form to the trash basket of your choice.

Thank you!

P.S. My being annoyed at this does not mean that I myself do not engage in similar behavior.

(January 20, 2009)


  1. I'm the "Don't go to Maimo or this will happen to you" guy.

  2. i'm fairly certain that "this" cannot happen to you.

  3. Considering it's Maimo, anything can happen.

  4. I was particularly peeved at "Are you sure you aren't having twins?" *gigglegiggle* At times like these, I feel sure civilizations isn't actually a good idea.

  5. Did you just say civilizations?

  6. Dina,

    I have a post of ten things not to say to preggie, which is half done. This question was one of the no-no's. because I was asked this every other day... I hear.

  7. I had the "are you having twins?". It hurts...


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