Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby post - I know, not creative, but I am going through a creativity crisis

I got my first smile from the baby yesterday! Yoo-hoo for me! Mom claims that the baby smiled at her 2 weeks ago, and SubHub - few days ago. I think those are unsubstantiated rumors and consider my smile to be first.


I finally feel vindicated. Someone I know confirmed my theory that not everyone loses weight from breastfeeding, and some of us actually gain. A lot. She told me she gained and couldn't lose an ounce until she stopped nursing. And she's one of those lucky people who is naturally skinny and never had to diet in her life. Phew, and I thought it was only me. And yeah, just shows that Heidi Murkoff doesn't know everything. Still it's not very comforting when my weight is creeping up again. Uhhr!


Yeah, and I am starting a CONTEST to name the baby. For the blog only, of course. In real life she has a name, thankyouverymuch. I have one idea: DD2. Or I could assign ages: DD4, DS3 and DD0, but the last one is kind of strange and creepy. Neither is very creative so I am fishing for better options and counting on creativity of those three people who read my blog. However, nothing with the "sub" prefix because all my kids are "super". The prize? The satisfaction of knowing that you helped a fellow blogger during a creativity crisis. And seeing that name being used on my blog.

Ok, I am off to nurse, change poopy diapers and solicit more smiles. :)


  1. DD^2

    instead of DD4, etc, DD:04

    Female Spawn Alpha
    Female Spawn Beta
    Male Spawn Alpha

  2. Hmm, all interesting options. btw, what is the significance of DD:04? Is it like DD2004? then the baby would be DD2009?

  3. DD:04 because when they go into teens, the names won't line up if you don't pad with 0s.


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