Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How I wish you were there or In the heat of the night - Part II

I was told by a fellow blogger, who shall remain unnamed, that there could be apricot ice cream in Tovelli's on Ave. M. As a chance would have it, I actually was on Ave. M today and made a small detour walked 35 minutes from my house with a stroller to Tovelli's.

Let me tell you this, Tovelli is no more. And not because I single-handedly took their establishment apart after discovering that they do NOT carry apricot ice cream or frozen yogurt or sorbet. In fact they do not carry anything apricot flavored. The thing is Tovelli went out of business and whoever took over carry only Klein's ice cream. They have some interesting flavors, but not apricot. Antisemites!

Yet I am not giving up hope! Give me apricot ice cream or give me... well, any other flavor will do, I guess.


  1. Shoulda dropped by my house, I would've given you some real tea.

    See if Meyer will make it for you.

    btw, maybe Sweet Choice next to Pomegranate has it.

  2. DRAT. Sorry for the being the cause of the big schlep for zilch.

    The last time I was at Ice Cream House, aka what used to be Tovelli's, they were offering to mix fruit into soft ice cream. I guess it didn't sell so they ix-nayed it.

    If that had been me anticipating a flavour, I would've been very disappointed. :(

  3. LPC,

    Don't worry. I was on M on a different business entirely, but don't think that the chance of having ice cream had nothing to do with it :)

    The idea of mixing apricots into ice cream is brilliant! (So you can consider yourself redeemed). Ice Cream House might still do it. The guy I spoke to didn't seem to be a very motivated employee, shall we say.

    I think Sweet Choice does it too, so I will try it out soon, maybe even today if SubHub would be kind enough to drive me there (or I'll drive him nuts with all this ice cream talk - pun intended).

    So whole thing might be a huge let down or might be extraordinarily good. We'll find out.


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