Monday, August 31, 2009

11 Reasons Why I don't Facebook much

1. DD, who requires my attention.
2. DS, who requires my attention.
3. The baby, who, believe it or not, also requires my attention. Babies these days.
4. I work and those IT people filter out FB
5. I am a working mother of 3 kids under five. Yeah, I know I mentioned working and the three kids separately, but believe that having three very young children deserves special mentioning. Plus, in just a few short weeks I won't be able to say that since DD will turn five. Gotta milk this while it lasts.
6. SubHub and his crazy notions that a) I should pay attention to him and b) that our home should be at least somewhat neat and that's somehow my responsibility and not only his. Men these days, I tell ya.
7. Do I really need another virtual addiction?
8. My first virtual addiction, this blog, has been neglected for some time now. Got to make amends.
9. My memory is going, and I would have to remember what I posted on the blog and what I mentioned on FB. It just seems like too much work.
10. It really creeps me out to have so much personal information directly connected to my actual name out there for everyone to see.
11. I am a working mother of three children under five. Did I mention that already? I don't remember... See what I mean?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you remember?

Our company instituted the new email retention policy, and now everything over 18 months old is automatically transferred into the "trash" folder and thereafter permanently erased in 30 days. Anything that we want saved must be either printed or saved elsewhere. So now every week or so I peruse the "trash" folder just to make sure there's nothing that needs saving.

Last week I found an old emailed sent by yours truly to her co-worker. It said, "Why am I not a lesbian? Why??? Why????" I wonder what precipitated this, but most likely I don't really want to remember. Ahh, memories that I don't have.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is one of the funniest and most ridiculous things I have read in a while. The toy does seem to be on a creepy side, but the Conservatives' objections are even freakier. These objections are probably made by the same people who demand that nursing mothers stay at home with their offspring until they wean or retreat to dirty bathrooms to nurse. And they give all the other Conservatives a bad name.

Where SubWife admits that she needs to grow up, but refuses to.

DD's last year teacher was a very nice woman and no doubt good at what she does. She put a lot of effort and creativity into her work, which did not go unnoticed by us. For example, every time she would introduce a new letter, the teacher would dress up as a certain character to get the kids' attention.

However, we didn't always see eye to eye on certain things. One of the complaints the teacher had was DD's lack of maturity across the border - her language skills, her cutting, even the way DD played was scrutinized and considered below her age level. I found the whole thing ridiculous. Nevertheless, DD was evaluated, teacher was proven wrong on pretty much all accounts, we had relived a few panic attacks about the future of our firstborn, and so far had moved on.

DD's school was on my mind recently when we were reviewing Aleph Beis. I asked DD if she missed that Aleph Beis character her teacher did because next year she wouldn't have it. DD laughed and very firmly said, "No!" I was surprised. "How come?" I asked. DD looked at me and said, "This character was so silly and doing all the silly things. I really didn't like it, it was just too silly." I knew the teacher meant for this character to be fun, but I am sure "silly" wasn't part of the intention. I knew I should be a bigger person and all, but all I could think was, "How's that for immature? Hehe."

A girl can hope

I went to a wedding recently where I saw people I haven't seen in ages. It was a lot of fun to catch up with old friends. However, in the process I discovered that due to my careless commenting activity, I am not as anonymous as I thought I was. I must tell you, losing my illusion of anonymity was rather disappointing. It limits what and who I can write about because you never know who can be reading posts and if that person knows who SubWife really is. Anonymity gave me a certain degree of freedom - not only to badmouth anyone I saw fit, but also some freedom from worrying about having so much personal information out here on my blog, that is easily traceable to my real life persona.

Well, it is what it is and this new discovery means that 1) It's a good thing I didn't blog about my evil neighbors, 2) I probably should not have blogged about my noisy neighbors (I know, linking to the old post shows real remorse) and 3) I should stop blogging about my job. At least if I want to keep it. On the other hand, what kind of bad things could I possibly write about? With the exception of no-free-coffee policy, which was of course enacted to prevent over consumption of caffeine and not because of penny-pinching, this job is pure heaven. People are extremely nice, especially in the higher positions, and never ever drive you crazy with unreasonable demands. Co-workers never do anything annoying, like shaking their ice, clicking their pens or eating fish at their desks. And the paycheck is ginormous, I am not sure why because frankly I would pay to work there!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to vomit from all this sarcastic butt-kissing that, hopefully, no one from work will read. A girl can hope to remain at least somewhat anonymous, right?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SubWife in Pink, Floyd that is

Saw this on inkstained hands and Res Ipsa Loquitur and liked the idea better than finishing half a dozen posts in my "drafts" folder. About half way through realized that I had another psychotic episode and Dazed and Confused is actually Led Zeppelin, not Pink Floyd. Talk about dazed. And confused. I need more sleep. And less blogging. Then again I haven't posted in almost two weeks.

Answer these questions using song titles from only one artist, try not to repeat titles.

Pick your Artist:
Pink Floyd

Are you a male or female:
What Do You Want From Me

Describe yourself:
Another Brick in the Wall

How do you feel:
Comfortably Numb

Describe where you currently live:
Welcome to the Machine

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?:
The Dark Side of the Moon

Your favorite form of transportation:
Interstellar Overdrive

Your best friend?
Lucifer Sam

You and your friends are:
Keep Talking

What's the weather like:
Fat Old Sun

Favorite time of day:
Late Night

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Lost for Words

What is life to you:
Learning to Fly

Your relationship:
What Shall We Do Now

Your fear:
Two Suns in the Sunset

What is the best advice you have to give:
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert

Thought for the Day:
Shine on You Crazy Diamond

How I would like to die:

My soul's present condition:

My motto: