Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can't we all just get along?

Apparently not.

Warning: I am in a horrible mood. Really, really bad mood. So if you are looking for something cute and bubbly and sunshiny, head over to some other blog. Still here? Thanks, but consider yourself warned.

You know one would think that once a person reaches a certain age, i.e. stops being a teenager, some things become apparent without anyone pointing them out. That, for example, teasing people is not nice. Or that having the latest cell phone doesn't really make you have a cool personality. There's another one: listening loudly to the music causes hearing damage. And is annoying to your neighbors. Especially the ones with little kids. Especially at 1.30 am. On the night when we change the bleeping clock and lose an hour of sleep.

But no, some people just don't get it. Probably because they incurred irreversible brain damage from listening to their Walkmans on max. volume.

Last night since about 9 p.m. our neighbors were playing techno. So loud, my kitchen floor was vibrating. But the kids weren't asleep yet, so I basically ignored it. Now, I am not some sort of a music prude or snob. I love, enjoy and listen to it. And on some level I might understand the allure of turning the volume all the way up, if one is a teenager. Our neighbors, however, are no longer teenagers, they are a middle aged woman with three children in their twenties. Who are otherwise functional or so it seems.

Around 10.30 the music became less loud, and we were enjoying a relatively quiet night. When all of a sudden around 12 it started booming again. Us, being polite folk and all, didn't want to disturb people at 12, even though they were disturbing us. At 1 am our patience wore out, and SubHub went downstairs to explain that sleeping is a necessity for some people and vibrating walls and floors are not particularly conducive to slumber. When SubHub came home, I asked him what he told the bunch of young hoodlums. To my sheer astonishment, he said that he didn't talk to the young ones, he was talking to their mother. One would expect that it would've occurred to at least a 50-something year old woman and a mother of three that some things are just not appropriate. Are extremely rude. And even illegal. Not so...

This wasn't over yet. Today, around 2 p.m., I guess around the time when the young and the restless got up (I know they didn't go to sleep until 3 b/c I heard music coming from their apartment at that hour), they turned their techno on again. And if I thought that what I heard last night was the max volume, I was wrong. I guess these people do possess some basic human decency to not turn music on to the max in the middle of the night. I guess I misjudged them or something. I was in a dire need of a nap, but when I felt the bed beneath me vibrating, I knew that there would be no napping.

At that point I decided that if I were to suffer, it would be on my own terms. And if I had to get a headache, it would be from my own music. From the personal experience I know that nothing annoys non-Russian speaking folk as much as Russian rock. At the high volume. Well, maybe except Karmina Burana, but I am keeping that one for the time I go shopping and no one dear to me is in the vicinity.

So here's little something if you have to annoy your neighbors or just want to enjoy a piece of Russian classic rock.

P.S. Happy Women's Day! Almost forgot!


  1. If they're not frummies, the best way of annoying them would be blasting American Jewish kids "music". The one that makes kids retarded.

    Karmina Burana is an awesome choice!!!
    DDT is a very bad choice for annoying ppl.
    Try Ranetki or Patap and Nastya. Tatu is always a good choice.
    Gop gop by Verka, on repeat and max volume.

  2. I agree. DDT (mostly) is not the best choice for causing annoyance. However, Akvarium with their violins and other non-standard and not always harmonic choices is a better bet. This, btw, was tested on co-workers, though not on purpose. All the other ones - can't say I am into them.


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