Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok, Ok. Sorry to keep you hanging like that, but I had a good excuse. I am NOT NOT NOT pregnant. Any more. Tuesday night SubHub and I had added a little (I use the term loosely) girl to our family. The baby and SubWife are doing fine. The 10 pound wonder (not exaggerating) is absolutely adorable, but like most infants doesn't let her mommy sleep, rest, shower and any luxuries of that sort. Unfortunately that includes blogging. I'll try to keep up, but I don't promise anything.

Hope not to disappear for too long.

P.S. Oh, and the cramps? That was labor. I would've been funny if after two kids I wouldn't know that I was preggers and actually went into labor. I actually wanted to write something like this in this post, but my head is fogged down by the lack of sleep and fumes emitted by my unshowered body . Being funny is hard labor (pun intended).


  1. Right before pesach!!! thats a problem, but mazel tov either way..

  2. Hi all,

    Thanks for your warm wishes!


    That's not a problem at all :)

  3. hey mazal tov. I saw your kids during our purim seuda, and well when you werent there... :) anyhow, 10 lb, bli ayin hara, thats amazing. my biggest was 9.5, and well I know how that felt. mazal tov again.

    favorite anony :)

  4. Mazel Tov! I lost track of you there for a while...


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