Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Name yourself or forever hold you peace or comment or whatever

Due to the recent unwelcome commenting activity on my blog, I decided to disallow anonymous comments. (The comment that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was taken down.) I was always peeved by people who would leave comments, but wouldn't name themselves - I wasn't even asking for the real name, just something to identify and/or address the anonymous. I am even more peeved when the comments are highly controversial and hostile - and again, without any identifying marks. I don't mind a good and fair argument on pretty much any topic (there are exceptions), but I refuse to enter into a dialogue with someone who wouldn't name themselves. Hence, no more anonymous comments.

I probably should moderate as well, but feel it's too much work, and I am not online often enough, so that might take the fun out of commenting.

I apologize if it causes somebody any inconvenience. I personally hate setting up user names and passwords that I constantly forget, but I felt it had to be done.


  1. What comment?!
    Why do I always miss all the fun?!

  2. Guys, you haven't missed much. It was some anti-Semitic garbage and propaganda. Not my idea of fun.


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