Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SubHub Scissor Hands

A couple of months ago DD came home from school with bangs. I distinctly remembered that when she left, her hair was equally long on all sides. Not so when she came back. Turned out they were doing some project in school that involved cutting, and DD decided that cutting her bangs would be fun. Thank goodness she didn’t cut them too short, but that didn’t stop SubHub from mentioning to her several times a week that it wasn’t a very smart move on her part.

Last week DD asked to trim her hair. A bit. A little bit. SubHub is a man of many talents, and one of the things that he does at home is cutting kids’ hair. Actually, mostly DS’s because we like our little girl with pigtails, ponytails, French braids – you get the picture, we like to play with her hair. And we don’t like it when cuts her bangs.

Well, long story short (no pun intended), Friday afternoon DD entered the bathroom as our little fair and long haired princess and reemerged 15 minutes later with a shortish bob. To my bulging eyes and horror-filled “Huh?” sulking SubHub provided little explanation and kept sighing. This was NOT a typical SubHub behavior. He could only bring himself to talk about it half hour later when he said that our little angel didn’t have much patience and was twisting left and right, so in order to make her hair even, he had to cut and cut and cut. Enter the shortish bob…

It took us a few hours to get used to DD’s new look. She really looks very, very different with short hair. But we like it, mostly, I think. Between the two of them, they came up with a style that suits DD well and looks adorable. The scene of DD waking up one morning and demanding her long hair back hasn’t happened, yet. All in all, not terrible. And hair does grow back, right?


  1. That picture I would love to see:)

  2. You know the address...and the phone number... I, on the other hand, don't know either any more...Sigh

  3. Shlomik looks very different since his shearing. Can't say I like it very much.

  4. We never grew DS's hair out, so I don't know how it goes for boys. And we are already used to DD with a short 'do. Definitely makes morning rush go smoother.


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