Sunday, March 25, 2012

On flings and long term relationships...

This past Sabbath:

SubWife:  Why don't you come with us to the playground?  It's a nice day.
SubHub:  I would rather not.
SW:  Oh, c'mon.
SH: Nah.
SW:  Okay then.
SH:  Just don't come back too late.  I have to be at SubHubFriend's at 5.30.
SW:  Isn't he like half hour away?
SH:  Well, he's giving a class on Passover and would be glad if I came.
SW:  So let me get this straight (no pun intended).  You are willing to walk half hour each way not to disappoint SHF, but not afraid to disappoint your wife and children by not going with us to the playground?
SH:  SHF knows it's a one-time thing.  With you, it's a bigger commitment -  if I go once, I will have to go every time.
SW:  Does SHF know it's a one-time affair?   He might expect more and you'll have to decide between walking there weekly or breaking the man's heart.
SH:  I didn't think of it this way.
SW:  I see.  Well, I am taking the baby with me, so you can leave any time.  I don't want to stand in the way of your and SHF's happiness.

Happy to report that SubHub decided not to break any hearts and instead chose a nap, to nourish his well-established relationship with his pillows.  The man gets around.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Why do you cry, baby?

What they see in school: DS is not doing his classwork, has a hard time memorizing alphabet and concentrating, is being disruptive at times...

This is what I hope they can see.

DS:  Mom!!!  Mom!!!! MOM!!!
SubWife:  (rushing to DS) What happened?
DS:  Mommy, baby is in the bathroom and is crying  Go to her.
SW:  She's with Daddy, I am sure she's okay.
DS:  Mommy, she is crying, go to her, she wants you!
SW:  How do you know?
DS:  She always wants you when she cries.  Go to her!

I oblige.  I am also impressed.  This is the same baby that rips up his projects, colors his school work and always seems to want the same toy DS took just a minute ago.

A few minutes later Baby emerges from the bathroom, with hair washed , which was the reason for crying.
DS rushes to her:  Are you okay baby?  Why did you cry?

He's still five years old.  He's got a good heart.  I just so hope that he keeps it this way and doesn't lose it.  And I also hope that among his academic and behavioral difficulties, his teachers notice his big heart too.