Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ten things I wouldn't know if I didn't co-sleep

If I didn't co-sleep with my children, I would probably never know...
...what it feels like to have three people in the bed meant for one.
...that I would have to justify my sleeping arrangements to everyone starting from my parents ending with the janitor in my pediatrician's office.
...that some (read: all) people who don't co-sleep are very judgmental.
...that a 15 pound baby could take up more space than a 200 pound adult.
...what if feels like to be spit up on.
...what it feels like to be peed on.
...what it feels like to be thrown up on.
...what it feels like to be happy that no one have pooped on you. Yet.
...that there's a good chance that I am a closeted masochist.
...that I could be happy to be woken up at 4 a.m. by my baby because it would give me another chance to cuddle with him/her.
...what it feels like to be woken up by my baby's kisses.
...what it feels like to be woken up by a very small fist hitting you straight in the eye (now the preferred choice of waking up mommy because she makes such a funny squeal when punched in the eye...)
...that my daydreaming would be about sleeping alone in my bed.
... that I would spend around $857 on professional advice trying to figure out how to win back my bed from the kids.
...that I would sabotage our efforts to win back my bed.
...that I would be obsessed with the word "bed".
...that I would be so sleep-deprived that I wouldn't see the difference between ten and twenty.
...that not seeing a difference between ten and twenty does not make you a bad accountant.
...that I would use any opportunity, no matter how short, to jump into bed if no one is there.
...that knowing all of the above ahead of time, I still would co-sleep.


  1. you forgot to mention that co-sleeping is the most effective method of birth control!

  2. you forgot to mention that co-sleeping is the most effective method of birth control!

  3. Our kids are year and a half apart, so I guess it is not that effective.

  4. or you guys are hyperactive and overcome obsticles like shagging while being half passed out from fatigue, with a crying baby by your side :) kol hakavod!

  5. You have an uncanny ability to turn any topic into a sexually charged conversation. Maybe YOU should right the best of...for 2008 ;-) At any right, I would prefer to keep this blog PG rated, if at all possible. Thanks :)

  6. you got it :) i will keep all the XXX stuff for my page (by the way, today I am posting the best erotica i ever read!!!)

  7. once this post has already been violated, here is a link to a forum i think you might like:


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