Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hubby just called. He is on his last day of vacation, and, therefore, is staying home with the kids. He told me that my daughter missed me. Then I heard her asking in the background, "Mommy, why won't you come home sooner?" Hubs gave her the phone and I told her that I needed to work so that I can buy her clothes and food. Hubs in the background said, "You want to eat, right? So mommy has to work so that we can buy food." To which sweet little girl replied,"I will only eat crackers, and that's it." She is sooo sweet. I told her, I still had to work, so she said, "I am waiting for you."

It breaks my heart to have to stay at work for another 3 hours (at least) and see her no earlier than in four. It even breaks it more to realize that even if I could, I probably would not be able to stay home with kids. What a guilt trip... At least now I have an excuse. I just have to pray that we never get filthy rich, and I would always have to work...

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