Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why? Why? Why?

Why do I do this to myself? Why?

I have weighed myself three days ago, hoping to see some weight loss. I knew I was "good", but somehow clothes got a bit tighter around the waist. Well, the scale showed that I am only two pounds away from being a whale. That was depressing.

After doing Weight Watchers for 3 days, I decided to see what the progress was. The only thing is - it was at night. And at night for some inexplicable reason I am anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds heavier. So I was standing in front of the scale thinking whether to measure myself or not. Stupidity won, and I stepped on the scale realizing to my horror that I am one pound over the whale weight. Ouch!!!! I thought I would never get there. Admittedly, I thought I would never get to Whale weight minus twenty, but this is crushing. This is defeat. I didn't cry, at least not right away. I actually waited for a couple of hours when I got to bed. Why did I weigh myself at night??? Now I am depressed and desperately want a cookie. Better start putting money away for the personal crane that would take me out of the house through the window. And if you think that I am one of those annoying skinny people who whines about gaining 3 pounds and now weighs a whopping 123 instead of 120 pounds, you are wrong. I am a whale... actually a pound heavier than a whale...sigh

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