Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What were they thinking

I'm on Weight Watchers.  Again.  Unofficially.  I start every Monday since the end of Passover, only to fall off the wagon by Thursday.  Recently I have become even more efficient and some weeks last only until Monday night.

I am persuaded it is not my weak will, but faulty WW system.  Seriously, let me walk you through this.  The allowed daily food points are allotted based on current weight and work like this:  you starve for a few weeks, drop some weight, hopefully, and as a reward you lose one point worth of food for every ten pounds lost.  Imagine the horror of losing 60 pounds!

What were they thinking?  Where is the incentive here?  If WW offered unlimited cheesecake or ice cream or eclairs or preferably all three, I could see myself following through.  Otherwise, it's like I starve only to starve even more once I lose the weight?  It's like you get punished and not rewarded for actually following the diet.  Why would I do that?


  1. As someone who lost 95 pounds on WW, I can tell you it's very simple...

    Thin people have less mass than fat people. Moving more mass requires more energy, hence you need to take in more food.

    Once you begin to lose weight, your body does not require as much energy. Hence, if you want to continue losing, you need to decrease the amount you eat. If WW were to "reward" you with extra points for losing weight, you wouldn't lose any more weight... on the contrary, you'd just start putting it back on.

    In other words, it's not WW's fault. It's the fault of physics... to move more mass, you need more energy. To move less mass, you need less energy.

    The Wolf

  2. Thanks Wolf! 95 pounds! I am insanely jealous!!! However, my post was kind of sarcastic :) Though nice to have something else - like physics - to blame for my failures!


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