Friday, March 2, 2012

Why do you cry, baby?

What they see in school: DS is not doing his classwork, has a hard time memorizing alphabet and concentrating, is being disruptive at times...

This is what I hope they can see.

DS:  Mom!!!  Mom!!!! MOM!!!
SubWife:  (rushing to DS) What happened?
DS:  Mommy, baby is in the bathroom and is crying  Go to her.
SW:  She's with Daddy, I am sure she's okay.
DS:  Mommy, she is crying, go to her, she wants you!
SW:  How do you know?
DS:  She always wants you when she cries.  Go to her!

I oblige.  I am also impressed.  This is the same baby that rips up his projects, colors his school work and always seems to want the same toy DS took just a minute ago.

A few minutes later Baby emerges from the bathroom, with hair washed , which was the reason for crying.
DS rushes to her:  Are you okay baby?  Why did you cry?

He's still five years old.  He's got a good heart.  I just so hope that he keeps it this way and doesn't lose it.  And I also hope that among his academic and behavioral difficulties, his teachers notice his big heart too.

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