Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where SubWife admits that she needs to grow up, but refuses to.

DD's last year teacher was a very nice woman and no doubt good at what she does. She put a lot of effort and creativity into her work, which did not go unnoticed by us. For example, every time she would introduce a new letter, the teacher would dress up as a certain character to get the kids' attention.

However, we didn't always see eye to eye on certain things. One of the complaints the teacher had was DD's lack of maturity across the border - her language skills, her cutting, even the way DD played was scrutinized and considered below her age level. I found the whole thing ridiculous. Nevertheless, DD was evaluated, teacher was proven wrong on pretty much all accounts, we had relived a few panic attacks about the future of our firstborn, and so far had moved on.

DD's school was on my mind recently when we were reviewing Aleph Beis. I asked DD if she missed that Aleph Beis character her teacher did because next year she wouldn't have it. DD laughed and very firmly said, "No!" I was surprised. "How come?" I asked. DD looked at me and said, "This character was so silly and doing all the silly things. I really didn't like it, it was just too silly." I knew the teacher meant for this character to be fun, but I am sure "silly" wasn't part of the intention. I knew I should be a bigger person and all, but all I could think was, "How's that for immature? Hehe."


  1. For next time, teach her to say, "Excuse me miss [teacher], do you mind stopping patronizing us."


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