Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you remember?

Our company instituted the new email retention policy, and now everything over 18 months old is automatically transferred into the "trash" folder and thereafter permanently erased in 30 days. Anything that we want saved must be either printed or saved elsewhere. So now every week or so I peruse the "trash" folder just to make sure there's nothing that needs saving.

Last week I found an old emailed sent by yours truly to her co-worker. It said, "Why am I not a lesbian? Why??? Why????" I wonder what precipitated this, but most likely I don't really want to remember. Ahh, memories that I don't have.


  1. Maybe you meant to say "Why am I not a thespian? Why??? Why???" ;-)

  2. Because you like being subjugated?

  3. Moshe, yeah, that must be it.

    Sophie, same answer as Moshe.


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