Monday, August 31, 2009

11 Reasons Why I don't Facebook much

1. DD, who requires my attention.
2. DS, who requires my attention.
3. The baby, who, believe it or not, also requires my attention. Babies these days.
4. I work and those IT people filter out FB
5. I am a working mother of 3 kids under five. Yeah, I know I mentioned working and the three kids separately, but believe that having three very young children deserves special mentioning. Plus, in just a few short weeks I won't be able to say that since DD will turn five. Gotta milk this while it lasts.
6. SubHub and his crazy notions that a) I should pay attention to him and b) that our home should be at least somewhat neat and that's somehow my responsibility and not only his. Men these days, I tell ya.
7. Do I really need another virtual addiction?
8. My first virtual addiction, this blog, has been neglected for some time now. Got to make amends.
9. My memory is going, and I would have to remember what I posted on the blog and what I mentioned on FB. It just seems like too much work.
10. It really creeps me out to have so much personal information directly connected to my actual name out there for everyone to see.
11. I am a working mother of three children under five. Did I mention that already? I don't remember... See what I mean?


  1. Number 10 is why I deleted my account.

  2. Don't worry - you can still say "3 children, 5 and under" to make people gasp.

  3. Why are there lines through everything written on your blog, or is that my monitor?

  4. MIM,

    are you being sarcastic? In case you aren't, it's called "strikethrough". It's done on purpose. There's nothing wrong with your monitor.

  5. I was joking, but its seriously hard to read.

  6. Yeah, very annoying, take the strikethrough off.

    Ah! Your code sucks! On first strikethrough you forgot the closing greater than and Opera and IE now show all text on your blog striked through!

    MM, that's what you get for using IE!

    You can filter what information's shown and what's not.

  7. Thanks Moshe! I think the problem is fixed.

  8. Yeah, I looked at the code and it is.

  9. I enjoyed the strikethroughs, it let me see what you were really thinking, before you edited. I thought they were intentional.


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