Wednesday, September 9, 2009

With future like this who needs Democrats?

I don't know about you, but I am getting a bit fed up with the constant barrage of news about Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin this, Sarah Palin that, blah, blah, blah. She's becoming the Paris Hilton of politics - lots of media coverage and little achievement.

When McCain announced his running mate about a year ago, I was rooting for her. I really wanted to like her. She was a successful career woman with a big family who somehow managed to have it all. In a very short time Sarah Palin proved to be one big disappointment to anyone for whom moose hunting is not a necessary skill in a vice president. By the voting day, Sarah Palin made me seriously doubt my choice to vote for McCain. I did anyway. And anyway they lost.

One would think as a loser, Ms. Palin would keep a low profile for a while, run her State of Alaska and regroup. No such luck. Palin never left the spotlight and seemed to care about her day job less and less with every passing day. And she proved to be a sore loser. I have read maybe 5 interviews with her since November, and she never missed a chance to blame McCain campaign staffers, liberals and media for her not so stellar public image. For a while one of my favorite Sarah Palin complaints was that seeing how badly her first interviews went, McCain's staff still insisted on doing more. Really, how dare they subject a politician to interviews and expect her to be able to coherently answer! After all, she was only communications major in college. Well, this favorite was replaced by a new one I read in the online magazine for joggers few weeks ago. Prepare to be shocked by the atrocities inflicted upon this woman by McCain staff - they didn't allow sufficient time for her daily jogs! Yawn.

And now, after abandoning her state and moving onto more important things like her political career than the people of Alaska, the most common thing we hear about Ms. Palin is her diva-like behavior: time after time organizers of some Republican event are waiting with baited breath whether Ms. Palin will grace them with their presence, and time after time Ms. Palin refers to some misunderstanding between the organizers and her staff. Funny this should come out from the same person who claimed that McCain's staff didn't know how to handle her or anything else for that matter.

Yet despite her inability to express herself, being unreliable, despite her whining and complaining, this woman has a huge following and is hailed by many as the future of the Republican party. Well, in this case I think that future is rather bleak.


  1. She has a lot of charisma and a talent for spinning facts so that she can (subtly) blame someone else. I, too, was really impressed when I first heard about her; but as soon as I heard her speak at the Convention, I became alarmed. She chose to be nothing but an attack dog. It's too bad, because she would have been a great representative of prolife women with large families otherwise. An opportunity missed...

  2. Be that as it may, don't forget what Dems did after previous election. And the illustrious behavior of Hilary, then and now.

  3. I dont mind her, if only she can do the same with other countries then they'll think were stuck up and we'll be the america of old.

  4. SC, I agree. There were a lot of good opportunity missed. But what bugs me is that Ms. Palin is not so subtle in her blaming games.

    Moshe, what DID dems do after previous election? What are you referring to? Are you being sarcastic about Hillary? Regardless, I cannot stand this woman ever since she ran for Senate.

    MIM, I am not sure I understand.

  5. "Paris Hilton of Politics". ROFL. :) My only complaint about her is her ditching her Governorship. I found that to be disturbing; it made me question for the first time whether she holds allegiance, whether she perserveres. Why not just see her term through?

  6. LPC, as much as I as annoyed by her beforehand, ditching Alaska was the final nail in her coffin, as far as I am concerned. I will, bli neder, never vote for this woman. She never bothered explaining herself, at least coherently and to the public's satifaction. I think no one really knows or feels that they were given sufficient reasons for her decision, and at the very least her former constituents deserve it. Regardless, "I am quitting because I am not a quitter?" What's up with that?


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