Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something in the air

We were all in the car this morning on our way to drop the kids off at their destinations when all of a sudden DS said, "Papa, do you smell something?" To which DD immediately replied, "It's not me!" After a bit of uneasy tension and us shifting in our seats, DS said, "I think I smell donuts." (And yes, we were passing Dunkin Donuts.) The sigh of relief and laughing ensued. Ahh, good times.


  1. I haven't had donuts in so long. Reading this post just gave me a major donut craving without any way of fulfilling it any time soon. Darn, I want a donut!

  2. For some reason on rosh hashanah I had this major craving for sufganiot (israeli styled jelly donuts), too bad chanukah is four months away


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