Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's check out time. Do you know where you MasterCard is?

1. Time needed to organize one's purse: 15 minutes tops
2. Time needed to return the credit card to its designated spot: 5 seconds tops
3. Time rummaging through three sections of my purse in the busy pre-holidays supermarket while hopelessly trying to fish out - ironically - MasterCard, because the store doesn't accept Discover, but instead pulling out various coupons/receipts/box tops/random pieces of paper all the while trying to avoid looking up - because my rabbi's wife is unloading her groceries at the adjacent register - or to my left - because DD's teacher is standing behind me waiting for me to pay so that she can proceed with her groceries - eternity.
4. Realization that doing EITHER #1 or #2 (not even both!!!) would've saved me from #3 - priceless.

P.S. Time wondering why the heck I cannot get organized - oh about thirty years or so...


  1. You never know; that might require superpowers.

    I tagged you here.

  2. I am doomed them to the life of chaos.

  3. That's why I have a wallet with grocery, pharmacy and general credit cards within easy reach.


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