Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A girl can hope

I went to a wedding recently where I saw people I haven't seen in ages. It was a lot of fun to catch up with old friends. However, in the process I discovered that due to my careless commenting activity, I am not as anonymous as I thought I was. I must tell you, losing my illusion of anonymity was rather disappointing. It limits what and who I can write about because you never know who can be reading posts and if that person knows who SubWife really is. Anonymity gave me a certain degree of freedom - not only to badmouth anyone I saw fit, but also some freedom from worrying about having so much personal information out here on my blog, that is easily traceable to my real life persona.

Well, it is what it is and this new discovery means that 1) It's a good thing I didn't blog about my evil neighbors, 2) I probably should not have blogged about my noisy neighbors (I know, linking to the old post shows real remorse) and 3) I should stop blogging about my job. At least if I want to keep it. On the other hand, what kind of bad things could I possibly write about? With the exception of no-free-coffee policy, which was of course enacted to prevent over consumption of caffeine and not because of penny-pinching, this job is pure heaven. People are extremely nice, especially in the higher positions, and never ever drive you crazy with unreasonable demands. Co-workers never do anything annoying, like shaking their ice, clicking their pens or eating fish at their desks. And the paycheck is ginormous, I am not sure why because frankly I would pay to work there!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to vomit from all this sarcastic butt-kissing that, hopefully, no one from work will read. A girl can hope to remain at least somewhat anonymous, right?


  1. And you care? My blog is not anonymous and I still badmouth whoever I want.

  2. Moshe, it might come as a surprise, but yeah, I kinda care. Especially when it comes about blogging about work - people were known to lose their jobs because of careless blogging.


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