Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On importance of being able to count

This is a public service announcement brought to you be a very hungry SubWife. Not being able to count can lead to starvation.

Ever since I came back to work, I started Weight Watchers. I was miserable any way, so why not? Those unfamiliar with the program - 1) eat a sandwich and gain some weight like the rest of the country, 2) all food on Weight Watchers is translated into points, which take into account calories, fiber and fat content of the given food, and each dieter is allowed a certain amount of points per day.

Last night after coming home from work, I was very, very hungry. So hungry I couldn't wait for dinner to be ready, so I made myself scrambled eggs. Together with a dinner roll, that meal was about 10 points. So I subtracted 10 from 29.5 points I had left, and came up with 9.5 points. It seemed a bit low, but hey, it's a diet, you are supposed to starve. To say that I was starving last night is a huge understatement.Long story short, I lost 10 points worth of food for no good reason, other than another psychotic moment involving math, and only discovered the loss this morning. In my boss's office. And made her aware of the tragic loss of yesterday. Repeatedly. Despite important matters that were discussed.

I can feel my promotion is coming any minute now. And by promotion I mean a coupon to a local pizza shop.


  1. I've heard great things about Weight Watchers. But I've heard that it's easiest when you use the charts they have available to help tally, else starvation ensues. :(

    Congrats on your efforts, and I'm sure in a few weeks you'll start reaping the benefits! I, for one, am pulling for you!

    And, if you get sick of Weight Watchers for whatever reason, I really enjoyed the South Beach diet. Very tasty, and I really wasn't hungry AT ALL.

  2. Don't remember if I told you or not, Meyer said he'll do the peach ice cream. -50 points >:-}

  3. LPC, I have already started reaping benefits. Otherwise, I would have stuffed my face with peach ice cream on Moshe's suggestion and blame it on him, LOL.

    With all seriousness though I find WW to be the best for me. I just can't give up certain foods and portion control is always a good idea. Plus, I get extra 10 points for nursing!

    BTW, Moshe, you didn't mention it before. I will probably try, but peach does not equal apricot. I got a few recipes on line, so I might just make the thing myself for Shavuot.

    Thank you!

  4. I'm sure he can make apricot too.
    Call him and ask, 718-258-1926.

    I'm on the Seafood/See Food diet. And I work on a six pack every week.

  5. An extra 10 points for nursing? That's just plain AWESOME. :)

    Mmmm. Apricot ice cream. Sooooo good.

  6. Why be on a system that controls you? eat what you want and you can have surgery to get rid of that fat like everyone else.

  7. Mike, how long since you had your surgery?

  8. Good timing. This way you get to have your cheesecake and eat it too! Whatever, that made sense a few minutes ago.


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