Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's the same old song

One of my job responsibilities is approving requisitions. For the most part, it's a quick computerized process that doesn't take too much of my time. If everything is filled out correctly, that is. When it is not, then the fun begins.

I receive a requisition today that has errors in it. I call up the woman who filled the form and get an earful about all the details of the project that I don't need to hear. All I need to know is why the item described as "equipment" is coded to software. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less. But noooo, like the Energizer bunny, she keeps on going and going and going. Finally we reach an understanding, and then the woman completes this exchange with her usual accusatory, "Every time I fill out a requisition, there's something new."

I hang up the phone and only miraculously don't yell out, "No, Julie*, it's same old, same old. Every time you fill out a requisition, you make a mistake. Every. Single. Time. You are just not getting it, are you, that there is a difference between hardware and software???!!! Hardware is NOT software, that not a new idea, is it? And how in the world did you become an IT project manager without realizing this rather important concept?? Share this secret with me, will you?"

Part of me wishes I told her this.

*Obviously not Diana's real name.


  1. Some of the main requirements of any IT managerial position is to know absolutely nothing about technology, have a Business Management degree and be as dumb as educatable as a doorknob. Pointy hair is a plus.

  2. "*Obviously not Diana's real name." - LOL!...maybe she got the job cause shes cute.

  3. FA,

    I am happy someone noticed, hee hee. Actually, I don't want to know what she looks like because there's a good chance I might see her in the elevator. I would rather not know and remain friendly.


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