Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is SubHistory's Mysteries

Mystery #1.

I just looked over my blog and realized that I have misspelled the title of my previous entry. It was supposed to be "it" not "I". But even spelled correctly, the title still made little sense. What I really meant was ,"She could've been so much worse", but something tells me that even that is not very right, so I am leaving things as they are. Let the title remain a mystery of some sort.

Mystery #2.

When DD still wore size 2 diapers, our pediatrician recommended Triple Paste diaper ointment. We followed with the recommendation and bought a 1 pound jar, which lasted throughout DS's diaper years and was finally finished last week. A few weeks ago, anticipating the ultimate demise of the jar that lasted 4+ years, I bought another one in Target. The jar was exactly the same, and the price, though still rather steep, didn't change since our last purchase. Upon closer examination though, I found that the jar war marked as a 10 oz, not 1 pound. Here's what I find fascinating: the jars are identical and the 10 oz jar is filled to the top and not half empty as I have expected. I was so intrigued, I went on company's website only to find out that they don't manufacture 10 oz jars, only 8 oz and 1 pound. So is Target selling counterfeit butt cream?

Mystery #3.

I am still on Weight Watchers. (How I haven't stopped is a mystery on in itself.) After starving for a week, I lost 3 pounds, only to regain 2 pounds a day of starvation later. How, I ask you, how???? On the other hand, after allowing myself to "live" on Shavuos, cheesecake and all, I only gained a pound. I guess stuffing myself pays off better than starving. And so much more enjoyable!

On that note I am off to solve yet another mystery: is there any leftover cheesecake?


  1. I finished the one in my fridge today... :]

    I gained a couple of pounds before Shavuot, and actually lost them OVER Shavuot, despite the cheesecake and napoleon and all the other fattening good stuff.

  2. inkstainedhands- care to provide a definition of "Napoleon"? Every American I meet has a different pastry they refer to as a Napoleon. If it's a mille feuille though, I'm definitely game. :)

    SW- I gained a kilo over the chag, even when you factor in the final day, when I ate only salad. I got a post coming on why only salad, but we'll leave it at that for now, LOL. Suffice it to say, small weight fluctuations have always been a mystery to me since, as you duly noted, they often have no relation to how or what one has eaten!

  3. ISH, napoleon, mmm, chessecake, mmm. Are you trying to sabotage my diet?

    LPC - the ways of weight are not to be understood by common folks like me. I have made peace with this, or at least I would like to think that.

  4. Just checked my triple paste jar...The 8 oz looks exactly like the 16 oz did. Maybe the stuff inside is not as dense?
    And I can't wait to go to TarGet now...

  5. Sally,

    I thought so too. I looked over the ingredients, but they are identical as well. Wouldn't there be more water or some other filler there, or at the very least the placing of the ingredients would be somewhat different? And when smearing stuff it doesn't seem different, at least much (once you start looking for SOMETHING, you start seeing things that are not there.) Quite honestly, I don't know what to think. But I do know for sure that I want to go to Target...

  6. Corporate America is starting to use yeshiva math...not good...not good at all...

    Wife makes napoleon sometimes.


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