Monday, May 4, 2009

I am beautiful no matter what they say

The following conversation occurred this Shabbat afternoon in my kitchen.

DS: Mom, can you zip up my pants?
SW: (leaning toward DS) Sure, dear.
DS: (slaps SW pretty hard with both hands.)
SW: (speechless)
DS: Mommy, you are cute!
SW: Thank you ?
DD (with the unmistakable teenage "are you dumb?" theme in her voice minus the eye roll): She is not cute!
DS: (pinches my upper lip) Mommy, you are cute!
SW: Ouch, you don't need to express it that way, but thank you.
DD: She is NOT cute.
(Both exit kitchen with DS muttering "beautiful" under his breath.)
SW: (Deeply disturbed and uncharacteristically speechless once again.)

(two days later)

SW: (Still disturbed and speechless, but finally able to leave the kitchen so that she could blog about the incident)

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