Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SubFamily has got talent

Ok, so this is a shameless attempt to make money off of my spouse and use blogger to advertise. If you feel used, please accept my half hearted and insincere heartfelt apologies. So there...

I have made several remarks about SubHub being a man of many talents. Currently we are trying to capitalize on one of them. Truth is we have been capitalizing on it for a few years, but now we are looking to do it on a larger scale. One of SubHub's hobbies is carving wood in a special way. He doesn't make wooden figurines, but rather designs on a wooden plane. He also builds things from wood, like shelving units. But carving is really his hobby and even passion. So right now he is making custom made shtenders aka as standers. If anyone is interested or knows someone who could be interested, please let me know. (My email is subjugatedwife@gmail.com) They are truly one of a kind and would make a nice special gift. Below is just an example of one of his creations. Keep in mind that my photographic skills are kind of poor. I can't find pictures of other things he had done previously, but will try to find for future posts.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Make better pictures, these look bad, out of focus.

    Add a link on the right, large font, and maybe a small picture.

    Use twitter to advertise.

    Create a new blog and make a post, dated last year, for each unique thing he makes and on main page, post dated now, make links.

    Otherwise, make a website.


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