Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the heat of the night

Wish to congratulate everyone on the start of the air conditioning and consequently high electricity bills season! Those who were complaining about an unusually long cold weather got their wish, bleh! No more baking, farewell to home made cakes and pizza, roasted potatoes and peppers, baked fish and chicken. On the other hand, welcome unapologetic consumption of ice cream!

Which reminds me, last night a had a huuuuge craving for apricot ice cream. I could not remember for the life of me when and where on earth I have had apricot ice cream/frozen yogurt or was it just a figment of my imagination and I never actually had it? Hmm... If any one of you has any idea where I could get one, please drop a comment. (Could it have beeb one of those Israeli five-flavored tubs? Anyone? I am stuck at home and can't check out my theory.) The craving is gone, but the mystery of where I had or hadn't this flavor of ice cream is still bothering me.


  1. Yes, apricot ice cream/frozen yogurt exists and it's delish!

    The last time I saw it recently was @ Tovelli's, which is now the Ice Cream House on M. I don't remember the cross street, but it's across the street from Rossman Farms. I would call to see if they have it available before going though. :)

  2. It's M and 18th. And I was only there today, but I was in a rush. Why didn't I go in? Why? Why? Must beg SubHub to drive me there. It's too hot to walk again.

    And thank you for the tip! I am not crazy!

  3. If they don't have it, you might convince Mayer on J and 14th to make it. I got him to make me some peanut butter ice cream.

  4. btw, in Japan, you can get potato flavored ice cream, squid flavored ice cream and I'm sure pickle flavored ice cream. And many more.

  5. Moshe, thanks for the tip. But me thinks peanut butter is easier to make than apricot. Well, I might be in the vicinity (who am I kidding, I am running there unless it rains) of Tovelli's and will report back on the results. all the ice cream junkies, pray with me that they have this flavor, or that ice cream store might be no more...


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