Sunday, May 4, 2008


This one is a true confession. Oh, no. I haven't murdered anyone, but I have been thinking about murders, well, not real ones. Ok, here's the reason why I will probably never amount to anything in life. When ambitious people think about ways to further their careers, philanthropists think of ways to save the world, gluttons think of new ways to satisfy their appetite, I think about this. Ready?

Have you ever read Agatha Christie or watched Murder, She Wrote? I have been a huge fan of both and the genre over all. But then I always had this nagging question: how did these supposedly regular folks like Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher come across so many murders in a just few year span? Statistically, one is very unlikely to come across a real murder in her entire life unless she is a cop, ER doctor or nurse, or lives in Detroit. Not a single one of these is true for either amateur sleuth I mentioned. The only other option that would make sense is that these ladies were serial murderers and killed all those folks. And had an amazing power of persuasion or/and a personal relationship with the chief of police to frame someone else. Even if I am wrong, think about it. Especially in Murder, She Wrote, Jessica lives in a very small town. After all the murders that took place during the eleven year run of the show, the town's population should've gone down to three people: Jessica, chief of police and the doc. Because everyone else would've been either murdered or jailed for murder! Think about it: people move to these small towns to avoid crime and THERE! someone is murdered! And the next week again, and again, and again, until the show goes on hiatus. I guarantee you, in real life there would be no one to murder in season two because every one else would've moved back to Detroit, for their own safety (whether to avoid being murdered or caught for it).

I feel better after I got this off my chest... Feel free to judge...

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