Friday, May 2, 2008


I have good news and I have bad news.

Good news is that American pre-teens and teens actually read books, for pleasure. At least they are expected to if the subject interests them enough. That’s what a certain company is counting on by signing a seven-figure deal with Miley Cyrus (for those not in the know, like myself only two weeks ago, Miley stars in some extremely popular Disney show). The deal is for publishing Miley’s – ready for bad news? – memoirs! Let me repeat this – 15-yr old girl. To write memoirs. For seven figures. Unless that 15-yr old found cure for cancer, fought the Nazis or did something otherwise remarkable (and starring in a show that is almost a guaranteed success is not remarkable in my book), what is there to write about? The age when she was potty-trained? Which diapers her parents preferred for her? The pain of losing baby teeth?

Well, I know enough to realize that she actually won’t write the book, somebody with more writing talent and life experience will… Nevertheless, I find it pretty disturbing… Expecially that it is an almost guaranteed best-seller.

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