Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I had done during my spring vacation.

Passover is over, and with it the longest non-pregnancy related vacation I had taken in four years, or maybe even more, it was so long that I don't even remember. It was nice. However it made me think about my parents and their standard three-week long vacations back in Russia. How did they stood us that long without losing their cool completely eludes me...

So here are the things that I had done during my vacation.

1. Cleaned. I don't think I have cleaned that much in a while. I had to constantly wash those darn dishes to the point where my housewife's eczema returned. At least this time it makes sense that I got it. Before I would get it just thinking about cleaning without actually doing it...

2. Ate matza and lots of it, and actually enjoyed it! (The trick is to drink to avoid a week-long constipation after the seder...)

3. Visited friends and had family over. That doesn't happen often. My kids finally got to see their cousins, first time in six months, even though we live relatively close to each other. And my folks got to see the kids without being the official babysitters.

4. Went to the Bronx Zoo,

5. Went to the Bronx Zoo. No, this is not a mistake, we actually went twice. Despite our most earnest pleas, both DD and DS were considered too wild to be accepted by the Zoo; the administration was worried about the animals' safety.

6. Discovered that I am much more materialistic than I used to be. I ogled every Baby Jogger double stroller and Honda Odyssey on my path. I want both of these things for a while now, but it never bothered me before. But when confronted with the avalanche of observant Jews everywhere we went during the holidays, many of whom possess both of the things I want, made me crave both the stroller and the car a lot more than I ever thought I would.

7. Looked for a new apartment, unsuccessfully, sigh...

8. Looked for a new car. Hubby finally admitted that it was time to retire ours. Found out in the process many, many interesting things; for example, that many people can't count, and car dealers take advantage of this mercilessly.

9. Was not dreading going back to work and was very relieved to find out that one of my friends felt the same way too.

10. Didn't update my blog. Sorry, just too busy! I am sure you understand.

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