Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good Night

Last night my son refused to sleep. He wouldn't cry or whine. He would just babble and giggle, trying to tell me something over and over again, but I couldn't understand what. Surprisingly, I didn't get annoyed and actually enjoyed our interaction figuring that these moments of complete and absolute cuteness are so rare and fleeting... (My new found wisdom made me think that I am aging faster than I thought...) I spent about an hour waiting for DS to fall asleep, when I just gave up. SubHub (introducing new term, hehe) was supposed to be home any minute, so I decided to straighten out the house before his arrival and let him put the baby to sleep. Unlike me, he has little trouble putting kiddies to bed. He doesn't have to be in the room, to hold their hands or rub their backs, to constantly pick up their water bottles or yell beg them to lie down. He just gives them one look, and they fall asleep out of sheer fear respect for their father. The only downside is that he comes home so darn late that his talents are not as usable as they could be.

So last night I took the baby out of his crib and asked him to be quiet b/c his sister was sleeping. We were about to leave the children's bedroom, when my baby went to his sister's bed (I was sure for some mischief), looked at her sleeping and adjusted her comforter. I was floored. He's not even two yet!


  1. That is the sweetest thing I have yet to read!

  2. thank you... I am humbled by my baby too... So macho and so sweet at the same time...

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