Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer's in the air...

I think I have finally figured out at least part of the reason why allergies get worse as the weather gets warmer. It is actually quite simple. You see, as it gets warmer, people start perspiring more, and some of them still haven't discovered the existence of deodorants. So G-d mercifully stuffed our noses to protect them from these awful smells. My allergies fortunately only started bothering me while many of my co-workers have been suffering for some time, so I am still susceptible to the BO's. Probably not for long...

But it makes one wonder how people lived before deodorants, every day showers or baths. Many history books say that people and cities smelled badly, but at this day and age it is hard to imagine how badly they reeked. Once again, thank G-d, and may we never find out.

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