Sunday, May 18, 2008

I do not understand

My screaming embargo had come to a screeching half after two weeks (or was it only one week? I seems such a long time). Kids literally have been crazy today. DD awoke very early today, and I have begged her not to wake up DS. She was allowed in my bed under one condition: she was to lie down quietly, stay their quietly and under no circumstances bother DS (which in my book is the same as being and staying quiet, but who knows...). I knew I couldn't count on promises made by a three-year-old; what I didn't know was that the first thing she would do after climbing into my bed would be throwing her legs up on her brother. It all went downhill from there.

All three of us were walking around lacking sleep, getting on each other's nerves. Kids would constantly bicker with each other over anything and everything and do every possible mischief under the sun. I wanted to write that they would do mischief when I turned my back to them, but we were at a point when they stopped waiting for me to turn my back and openly defied everything I asked them to do.

So around 11 I made a first attempt to put them down for a nap. I didn't count much on DD to fall asleep, but after 45 minutes DS was nowhere close to falling asleep either. As I was about to take him out of his crib, he did something that defies (adult) logic, and something I am still trying to comprehend. He threw his favorite car out of his crib. As Murphy's Law would have it, he threw it smack in the corner, where it got stock between the wall and the leg of the crib. The minute he realized that his favorite toy was gone, multiplied by his lack of sleep, he started wailing. I fumbled for ten minutes with the broom, accompanied by his loud crying, and I believe at that point I broke my own embargo on screaming. Sigh... So here's what I don't understand: why would anyone, rather intelligent for his own age and beyond, throw out something he likes and wants to plays with? And cry afterwards for eons? Why? Why? Why?

Long ago (about the time I got married, probably) I gave up on trying to understand men. They rule the world, and I think it is no wonder that the world is such a sad state (Please do not take this as Hillary endorsement!). What else could be accomplished by species, allergic to following any instructions, yet too embarrassed to ask for directions? (I am persuaded that GPS was invented by one frustrated wife.) Or the species unable to figure out why the cheese hasn't melted on an ice cold lasagna? But I still haven't abandoned hope of understanding my children.

So any ideas? Why would DS throw his toy out only to miss it five seconds later? Is it a glimpse of his wife's future?

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