Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What brought you here

Completely stealing Dawn's from BECAUSE I SAID SO idea, I decided to post some of the more interesting keywords that brought people to the pages of my blog. Many times it seems inexplicable as to why my blog came in the search to begin with... So here they are, in the reverse order of weirdness, without changing/adding/deleting anything, spelling including:

mcgonagall and dumbledore's marriage and children-harry potter - AHA! I knew that he wasn't, not that there's anything wrong with that.

fungal cream for lotta fungus - can fungus spread through Internet contact? Is bad spelling/improper word usage contagious?

nasty "athlete's foot" - a matchmaker in me thinks "lotta fungus" and "nasty athlete's foot" would make a nice couple, don't you?

jewish husband comes home after seeing his mom feeling guilty and starts fights with his wife - looking for a transcript of your therapy session? Not here.

I yelled at my kids and am feeling guilty - my friend, you landed exactly where you need to be, if looking to start a support group. If you were looking for solutions, then maybe you should get the therapists' number from the guilty Jewish husband picking fights with his wife.

subjugated by Sarah - who is Sarah? I am reasonably confident that SubHub's name is not and never was Sarah, but who knows for sure?

who was galileo's wife - how should I know? Ok, just checked. (Consider this public service.) Daughter? Check. Another daughter? Check. Son? Check. Married? Never.

ways to satisfy one's wife - I am not an expert, but picking fights with her after visiting your mother is not the way to do it.

wife "going to the gym" - I guess the search on satisfying your wife wasn't very successful, otherwise why would she be "going to the gym"?

name of all night of prayer of subjugation - what do you pray for in the prayer of subjugation?

confessions of a bad wife blogspot - SubHub, why were you searching for my blog?

wife make me wear diapers - Sorry, man. Must've been one tough week. First "gym", then nasty fungus and now diapers. Will it ever end? Makes one understand why Galileo never married...

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