Sunday, May 25, 2008


The new trend now is to outsource as many functions as possible to foreign countries, mainly India. It started with manufacturing, then shifted to customer support and IT, and now everything possible and seemingly impossible/unimaginable/illogical is being transferred overseas.

So now I had a brilliant idea. Looking over at the three remaining candidates for the U.S. Presidency (with the fourth announced a few hours ago by the Libertarian party, sigh, who doesn't even need to be seriously considered), I realized yet again that not a single one of them appeals to me in the role of the president.And I know many, many people who come November will not be voting "for", but rather "against." My idea is as follows: if US cannot produce a decent candidate, maybe we should outsource this job of President to India. Yes, I do realize that the Indian candidate is not likely to produce more inspiration, but he/she will not likely to evoke as much animosity as all most candidates. He/she might not be that great a president, but hey, after twenty years of bad presidents, people's expectations are really low, and it seems very unlikely that the American-born President will be good either. And the most important thing? We will be saving tons of money because the Indian contractor will surely get the job done at the fraction of the cost and will not ask/require benefits and perks American candidates have come to expect from this office.

So let your prejudices go, think with your fiscal head and support my new campaign:


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