Monday, January 21, 2008

Rabinowitz's Law

After posting so many times about Murphy's Law, I feel obligated to report something opposite and positive, the un-Murphy's Law. What would be the opposite of Murphy? I thought Rabinowitz fits well, but if you have any better suggestions, they are mostly welcome.

I haven't posted much, actually anything in the past week, mostly because we are closing the year. Those who are not accountants will not understand, and G-d bless you! A lot of work means that I do not get to take lunch and have to leave office late, which leaves a lot of errands to be done at home and very few brains cells left over for anything remotely interesting, let alone witty to share. (I think I gave myself a compliment here, oh well...) But a lot of stuff has been and still going on. Crazy people on the train, demanding bosses, few interesting daydreaming sessions, rib mystery, Blog for Choice Day - just to name a few! There's so much that wants to be said and typed, but so little time is available.

How is it all related to Rabinowitz's Law? Let me explain.

Since there's a lot of work and the boss is demanding, the workload literally doubled if not more this month, and to add insult to injury, needed to be done in half the time. I am not kidding or exaggerating this time. Some people have managed to get it done (I suppose they don't have blogs, hehe), I was behind with mine. (Honestly, my work is very different from many people in the department, so there really are objective reasons for lagging behind other than pure laziness, and you saw, I didn't post much!) And the vultures, I mean auditors are coming very, very soon. All of this meant that I had to come in to work on the weekend. Luckily I had a choice between today and Monday. Unluckily, my ID/entry card doesn't work on the weekends, and I don't know whether it works on MLK Day. (It would also be nice to find it, but I am afraid it shared the destiny of my silverware and is now somewhere deep in my heater.) So I had to borrow my former boss' ID, whose access is not limited to normal working hours. Bad thing: it occurred to me that I needed her card five minutes after she left for the week. Good thing: she lives five minutes away from me (by car). It was decided that I would drop by and pick up the ID Saturday night.

Friday night my husband gets sick, and Saturday night he is still so sick that he refuses to drive. It is very cold, and my colleague's house is at least half hour away by foot. It is also very cold and dark. I call her on the phone to see what her plans are, mentally ready to make a very unpleasant trip, most likely with kids so that they wouldn't bother sick hubby. She is not home and does not pick up her cell phone. Great, I think. According to Murphy's Law, she is probably two blocks away from me picking up her kids from a sleepover, but doesn't know that I can't get to her. And even if she does call me, she probably doesn't have the ID on her. And in either case, I couldn't ask her to drive to me because after all she is nice enough to share her ID, asking her to deliver it to me would be just pure chutzpa.

And then - ta-da! Rabinowitz's Law at work. She calls me herself, and she indeed is not two, but about five blocks away, with her purse and ID, offering to drive to my house and drop off her card! How's that? I was besides myself with joy and relief. I love you, my former boss! And I love you, Mr. Rabinowitz, even though you are a product of my sick imagination.

P.S. one might say that going to work on the weekend is really an off-shoot of Murphy's Law, and some day I might agree, but for now shhhh. Let me enjoy Rabinowitz before Murphy comes back full force.

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