Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Murphy's back or no good deed goes unpunished...

Ok, it was good while it lasted.

Previously on this blog: My co-worker lent me her ID so that I would be able to catch up with my workload on the week-end. She was even nice enough to drop it off at my house.

In this issue: Petrified that I would lose/damage/forget somewhere her ID, I kept an eye on it at all times. Whatever the circumstances, I was determined not to seem ungrateful or reckless with her property. I had to return the ID, nice and whole, before the end of the weekend. I had remembered about seven times during the course of Monday to call my co-worker and find out what her plans were, so that I could come to her house and drop it off. I got distracted for the total of seven times as well. I had very good reasons and excuses: I had a cold, my husband had a very bad cold, the kids were tired and misbehaving…. Long story short: Monday night around 12.15 am I realized that I was still in the possession of the ID and with no way to deliver it to my colleague. Nice… It really isn’t like me. I am disorganized, but with certain issues I am very, very determined and reliable. Well, I can’t say that any more, can I?

So my poor generous co-worker got the bad end of Murphy’s Law this time. For going out of her way to be nice to me, she had to rely on the kindness of strangers to let her into our office. This stupid law probably rubbed off me. Serves her right for keeping me company.

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