Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dimarsky family update

Here's the update on the Dimarsky family situation and the answer to the question, "What can I do?"

I received this email from a woman close to the family.

Dear Friends,
This is an excruciating time for the Dimarsky family. Needless to say that Sherry's untimely passing is a true devastation for them, and everyone who knew her.
This is also the time when our generous donations can really help the people who have given their whole lives to others.

We can help Rabbi Dimarsky and the four boys deal with their large medical and funeral expenses and help get them through these financially-difficult times.
Let's show them that they are not alone in their trouble.
Please make the checks out to Heritage and mail them as soon as possible to:

6100 N Drake Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

May our charity elevate the holy soul of Sherry (Sara Chana bas Naftali) even higher.

May we only hear good news.

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