Monday, January 7, 2008

Plea fo Sherry Dimarsky - Sarah Hannah bas Bayla

I just got this in my email. I personally saw Sherry only once in my life, but she made a huge impact on me. She also remembers me to this day insisting to keep in touch. She is always on a look-out for a mitzva and seeks out ways to help, even to people she only saw once (this is from my personal experience.) I plead with all of you visiting this blog to get news about Rav Berenbaum to please say a prayer for this absolutely wonderful woman.

This is the email:
Dear all,
As you may or may not know, Rabbi Dimarsky's wife, Sherry, is critically ill. The lung that was transplanted 3 years ago is being rejected and the doctors give her a week (!!!! May we never know the horror of such statement !!!!) when she can still qualify for another lung transplant if a match is found. They are estimating that after that she will be too weak to go through such major surgery, which is the last chance, at least in our human view, for continuing to live a normal life.
Aside being a mother of 4 wonderful boys and a wife, Sherry is the most giving and community-service dedicated person I know. Being a lawyer, she chose a non-financially lucrative career and for many years headed an organization for abused women, giving it endless hours and her physical and mental efforts. Even while being very ill, Sherry spent all of her time helping, mentoring and comforting others. I and hundreds of others have been inspired and touched by her light. What she and her husband did for the Russian-Jewish community of Chicago is immeasurable and seems hardly humanly possible.
Sherry's parents are both Holocaust survivors who have already buried 2 out of 4 of their children. We can't even imagine what they must be going through at their old age with their 3rd and youngest child being so ill.
With that being said, we believe that the power of prayer can change a situation even as grave as this. We are asking everyone to say prayers as much as you can for Sherry's miraculous and speedy(!!!) salvation from her suffering and that of her family. When we pray for an ill person, we use their Hebrew name ( Sarah Hannah bas Bayla). Prayer doesn't have to be formal - sincere words coming from the heart are just as powerful.
Also, we are asking that people dedicate (mentally) mitzvahs-good deeds- to Sherry's salvation. It can be something simple that you are not doing otherwise (i.e. lighting of Shabbos candles, Torah lessons, giving charity, choosing not to engage in gossip, etc.) Please do something special this week.
May all of our communal prayers and good deeds break the evil decree! Thanks in advance for all of your help.
P.S. Please pass this on to anyone who might know the Dimarskys and is not aware of the severity of Sherry's current situation.

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