Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pictures from Rabbi Berenbaum's zt'l levaya

This is the casket with the Rav's body. People walked with it for quite a few blocks, and then it was taken to JFK to be buried in Israel.

Many people came from upstate New York, New Jersey and different boroughs of New York. Many came by buses (you can see them in the background). My husband said that it was extremely hard to ride a car that time of the day because both Coney Island Ave. and Ocean Parkway were full of buses and cars all coming for the funeral. There were so many cars that there was no parking in the 10 block radius.

Many people spoke about the Rav's many deeds of loving-kindness and dedication to G-d, Torah and commandments.

I saw that many people visited my blog in the past few days. My best guess is that they were looking for the news and articles about the Rav. I am sorry to disappoint all of you. I hope that these pictures will serve as at least some consolation for the time it took you to come to this site.
B'sorot tovot.

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