Thursday, January 31, 2008

And the jackpot goes to...

Unfortunately, the world is full of ignorant, disturbed and stupid people (all different things). Also very unfortunately if you take the New York subway, you are bound to meet all three kinds fairly regularly. And sometimes you hit the jackpot and meet someone who possesses all three of those attributes at once. And I got lucky yesterday!

As I was walking on the subway platform towards a train, some black man stared at me and said with smile and pleasure, “Heil Hitler!” I am usually lost for words on such occasions because, even though I have been using the subway daily for the past 11 years, I am just not prepared for unwarranted hostility. This time, however, my reaction was almost immediate. I looked at him, smiled back and said, “Idiot.” And I needed no proof for my theory - the guy did it for me. Because based on what I learned, Fuhrer had a special place in his heart for the black population of this planet, and that place was very close to the one held by Jews. How dumb/ignorant/disturbed does one have to be to not know that? But then again, he didn’t look like someone who paid attention to his history teacher.


  1. I am very proud of you!!!! I have the same problem: I can never respond to idiots in a timely manner: by the time the pithy response comes to mind, it's pretty late. As for leanring history....well, that is a whole entry in itself.

  2. God bless! I don't think I would have shown that much virtue (I hope I wouldn't that is)!


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