Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Catch a Thief - Movie SubReview

Expectations: This movie was rented for several reasons. Firstly, it was a classic I have never seen. Secondly, it was supposed to be clean (no nudity, etc.). Thirdly, I like a good romantic adventure. And lastly, it got pretty good reviews from the users of Netflix. So here's my experience.

Plot: A reformed jewel thief is accused of stealing again when several robberies, made with his MO, take place in France. He decides to clear his name by trying to find a thief. In the process he meets a rich heiress, and they fall in love.

My take: The plot is, unfortunately, very predictable. Where it is not predictable, it becomes hardly believable mainly because characters' actions and reasoning seem completely illogical and asinine. Character development is almost non-existent; the romance between the two main characters is hardly believable or understandable, especially given the fact that Grant is 27 years older than Kelley. Acting is very mediocre. On the other hand, with the material the actors were given, anyone could hardly act better. The fun and thrill of adventure are simply not there, and he movie doesn't captivate.

The weakest point: Besides what I have mentioned, Cary Grant's tan, instead of intended sex appeal, made me think of skin cancer for the entire duration of the movie.

Redeeming qualities: 1) Grace Kelley was very pretty. 2) The actress playing her mother was very good. 3) It was refreshing to see actresses, while still slim, not sickeningly anorexic. Made me think that one of the actresses, while very popular a few decades ago, would probably never find a job in Hollywood these days.

Objectionable materials: several scenes taking place at the beach.

Bottom line: If watching the movie to familiarize one with American classics, then go ahead. If searching for good entertainment - look elsewhere. It shouldn't be hard to find something entertaining even among the classics.


  1. Next time ask me: I would have told you right away that movie was a waste of time:) Very reassuring to know that I am not the only one observing women who were considered beautiful not so long ago, but now would rejected by Hollywood.

  2. Newbie visiting from the more the messier.

    This is still one of my favourites a real classic.



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