Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My 10 reasons to blog.

I have been asked repeatedly be several people why I blog. Some people simply do not get it. As much as I hate this cliche, it really is this simple: if you must ask, then you probably won't understand, even if I spend a full day trying to explain. The best proof of this theory is that in the year that I have started reading blogs and writing my own, I almost never saw discussions among fellow bloggers dedicated to this topic. We blog because we must. It is just that simple. If there weren't blogs, we would be keeping diaries, have pen pals or look for some other outlet for this need. But thank G-d there are blogs because writing into the void is a bit depressing. At least with a blog there is a chance that someone will read it and maybe even like it enough to come back to read some more.

But just in case that there is somewhere a non-blogger who might appreciate our need if provided reasons, here are my top ten reasons to blog.

10. Love. I love writing. I always did, since I was about 11, maybe even earlier. There's something inexplicably satisfying in seeing my thoughts written down.

9. Vanity. As much as I love writing, I love it even more when someone reads it. And likes it. (At least I am honest...)

8. Frugality. Let's face it. There is a good chance that I need therapy. Writing provides this free of charge. So even if no one read it, I would probably still write, in my blog or elsewhere.

7. Delusions of Grandeur. Delusion Hope that my life is interesting enough to share with other people and my writing style is funny enough to brighten up their day.

6. Blowing off Steam. I can whine, complain, yell, scream, and express my anger and frustration. And no one gets hurt (emotionally, of course).

5. Efficiency. It seems that blogging is the most efficient way of keeping the most of amount of people updated about your day to day stuff and feelings - in the shortest possible time.

4. Support. Blogging is not only about writing a blog, but also about reading others'. There's something oddly comforting and supporting in knowing that other people go through similar things and feelings.

3. Procrastinating - what better excuse to not do housework?

2. Laughter. I haven't found so much clean good fun anywhere else. There are so many talented people out there writing side-splitting entries on a regular basis. And it's free! Catch them before they get book deals!

1. Hope. 1 in a million that maybe, just maybe this will take me away from accounting to more exciting and interesting things.

If you had to answer this question, what would you say?


  1. Excellent! I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. I actually followed your advise and started a new blog which i keep anonymous - wow, what a treat! You are the greatest :)

  3. Glad I could be of help. Just don't confess to your parents...


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