Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radio Days

Had a call this evening from a guy conducting a survey of my radio listening habits. I had him a bit stunned because turns out that my listening habits had been hard to enter into the pre-filled multiple choice options. I have turned from an avid listener to an almost non-listener. (Good thing he wasn't conducting TV watching habits, I probably would've left him speechless.) I listen to the radio on weekends only, and not even every Sunday.

Well, this is not the entire truth. I listen a lot more; actually, forced to listed to a lot more would be more accurate. For example, in the morning I listen to whatever station SubHub subjects me. I am not a morning person. My ideal morning, aside from sleeping in, should include dimmed lights, a quiet trip to the bathroom, a quiet shower, a quiet cup of coffee with a soft cookie (biting into a cracker would be too loud). After the coffee is sufficiently absorbed by the body, then and only then one should be able to talk me, gently whispering, and only if absolutely necessary. I was like this ever since I can remember myself (which used to drive my dear dad crazy). Listening to the radio early in the morning would not occur to me, ever. Let alone at high volume. Let alone in Hebrew, where I only understand proper nouns...

Or let's take work, where some people choose to have little radios in their cubicles. Many of these people are discreet in their listening habits, but the sounds are still easily heard by those who sit nearby. So at work I listen to Christmas songs and carols from October to December and Chinese news all year round. (I am trying not to think about this year's holiday season, which due to the economical slowdown might start in early August...)

Any surprise that l now associate listening to the radio with headaches and oppression and avoid it like a plague?

P.S. I am thinking of introducing my neighbors to a classical music station. During the years of taking music classes I have developed resistance to it, even some appreciation. Wonder what they will think of Carmina Burana and whether forced exposure to Carl Orff constitutes torture under the Geneva convention.


  1. You go, girl! Mahler on the full blast would definately not pass the Geneva guidelines.

  2. I love Carmina Burana!
    Here's another one for you. Mezame. What do you think?

    I subject my neighbors to shoutcast's kawaii-radio, 10-6


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