Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can you hear me now?

I know that many parents wonder whether their kids hear them. I think they do, and I even have proof. Whether they listen is another story.

We have an ongoing battle in our house, actually one of many. I am trying to enforce the rule that no food is allowed in bedrooms. If you are a parent or a faithful reader, you already know that pleading, bribing and threats simply don't work on kids. I tried to use consequences. Last time kids dropped dry cereal on the floor of their bedroom, I told them to pick it up. When they didn't, I said that I wasn't going to do it either. However, the much hated and feared water bugs and ants might end up coming to their room because they just LOVE cocoa puffs. It didn't make much difference. I ended up sweeping up the cereal when the kids didn't see me. (I know, not very education, but you see I love water bugs and ants just as much as my children.) I didn't win that one, what can I say...

That same night DD couldn't fall asleep, and I was wondering if another battle was brewing. I left her in her room when all of a sudden I heard her scream. I ran in, and she seemed fine. I asked her what was the matter, and she started pointing at something on the floor. "Bugs, bugs," was the only thing she could say. There weren't any. Then she finally said what she wanted to say for a while, "Cereal. Bugs love cereal." A-ha! She saw one cocoa puff on the floor that escaped cleaning earlier in the day and was scared that the ants and bugs will come to claim it.

Do do they hear you? Oh, yeah. Does it make a difference? Only time will tell...

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