Monday, July 14, 2008

I am a mother, hear me complain...

I did not forget about my blog, at all. I have actually nursed a few topics in my head, and even written an entry, but I am currently considering whether it is appropriate for posting. As my intuition tells me, if I have doubts, then I should rule on the side of caution. But I will ponder a bit more before finally axing it, if only to torture myself with indecision. One other topic not written yet reviews an old movie I have seen, so I am also considering whether to write something unflattering about actors long dead is appropriate or not. I welcome your opinions.

So here was the safe topic I wanted to write yesterday, but didn't manage to find time. I have complained for a long time to anyone who would listen how exhausting it is to sleep with the kids. We had worked on getting DD to sleep on her own, endeavor which was not successful immediately. Over time staying in her own bed gained DD's acceptance, and with some exceptions she stays in her bed for the night on most nights. DS also warmed up to his crib over the past few months, and now on most nights he sleeps in his bed until around 3 a.m., and then he cries and gets transferred into mine. A dream come true, eh?

No so. I have caught myself, in the middle of a nice stretch, where neither one of my limbs was obstructed by someone else's body... missing the obstructions. I missed a cute face on the pillow next to mine, a chubby cheek to kiss before falling asleep, a warm little baby to cuddle up in the middle of the night. "I need help," I thought. I was complaining about not having monopoly over my bed for the past four years, and once I got it, I missed the cramped style I so resented. I even thought of complaining about NOT having kids in my bed...sick!

This was my supposed post that would've been written Sunday night. The help I sought arrived immediately, that same night. And people say that G-d doesn't listen to their prayers!

I was woken up by DS's cries a little before 4 a.m. I took him out, game him his usual three hundred kisses only to notice that the baby is unusually alert. Uh-oh. I could feel the trouble brewing. I wasn't wrong. The kid was tossing and turning in my bed, occasionally driving me insane with his requests for drink (twice), nursing (thrice), hugs (once) and attention (all the time). Sometimes I obliged, other times I grumbled; occasionally I had a chance to pass out for some indeterminable intervals of time. DS finally fell asleep around 6.30. I don't know what brought on this bout of insomnia, but it sure cured my nostalgia for a cramped bed. At least until tonight... And yeah, it also gave me something to complain about at work.

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