Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something EVERY wife should know.

On a lighter note...

Attention, nagging wives everywhere! You now have a free pass to nag your husband incessantly, courtesy of a fellow nagging wife in New Zealand. Next time hubby complaints about your nagging, you can just tell him, "I am doing it for us and our future, honey," and show him the article.

If only the winnings would be directly related to the amount of nagging ... ahh, wishful thinking.


  1. Since my DH regards me as "Queen of Naggers", I guess we're due for quite the windfall.

    It's not so often we women find ourselves in such a "win-win" situation, is it? :p

  2. I believe the woman scored a huge win for our team. It's like what? 2 million to 3 now? We are not winning...men should not be alarmed.


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