Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Does Pepto work for verbal diarrhea?

Today I went to DD's Chanukah party. It involved girls singing a few songs, some mother-daughter activities and consumption of a self-decorated donut. Not bad and not too long. Miraculously I came on time and didn't forget the camera. That lucky streak of me doing things right couldn't last.

During the singing part of the event, the music teacher started telling the story about Shani the rabbit who had a lot of sisters, and a lot of brothers and... One of the girls called out, "And a lot of fathers!" Most mothers politely giggled, and red lights and alarms went off in my head: DON'T SAY ANYTHING, DON'T SAY ANYTHING, DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Sigh... With alarms ignored, I whispered to my neighbor, "This information sounds a bit advanced for a four-year-old, don't you think?" Yep, DD. Mommy is trying to make a good impression...

Overall we had fun. Of course no school party is complete without some waterworks. As we got to the eating part of our activities, DD noticed that one of her classmates was crying. I said that she was crying because her Mommy left. DD immediately calculated the situation, "But you are not leaving. We are going home. Right?" Sigh. "No, sweetie, Mommy is going to work, like I told you yesterday and this morning." You should've seen it: those big gray eyes got even bigger and there it started. At least she wasn't alone. I don't know who was more traumatized, me or her.

Next week it's DS's turn. More songs, donuts and trauma on the way...


  1. Lately I've been experiencing the same problem. Although my case seems a tad more severe than yours- I seem to ignore the mental alarms ONLY in the most inappropriate situations. ;=)

  2. I keep wanting to quote things at people, which wouldn't always be a problem except they don't realize I'm quoting, which results in making me look completely insane.

  3. I don't have such problems.
    People already know I'm insane. :-D

  4. Dina, at least you keep wanting. Me? I just go for it...

  5. I thought I was the only one who says what he thinks. :-D

  6. Nah, there's lots of us...all in need of pepto.


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