Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting to know you

(As was told by my Mom.) Two weeks ago DD went to my parents. She was in the bathroom when my Mom knocked. DD said non maliciously, "Go away, please." Mom said, "The nice way to say this is, "I need my privacy." Do you want to repeat it?" After pondering a few moments, DD decided to stick to the old and tried version and said, "Please, go away." And then promised to be out soon. She then proceeded to washing hands (that takes a while, DD is VERY thorough), brushing her teeth, and then washing her hands again. Mom knocked and reminded DD that other people also need to use the bathroom, to which DD replied, "I need my privacy."

Something in a way this was said prompted Mom to think that this was DD's attempt at humor. I said, I would have loved to believe that she has a sense of humor, but this episode alone doesn't really prove it one way or the other. DD could've just decided to be a bit bratty or try using a new phrase.

It was not the end of the saga, though. A week later, DD asked for cereal. She said, "Mama, I want cereal please." I decided I could teach her a more sophisticated version and said, "It would be nice to say, "Mommy, could you please give me cereal?" Can you repeat that?" DD gave it a try, almost got it, but on my second request to repeat the new phrase, she gave me a long look and said, "Mommy, I need my privacy."

And just like my Mom a week before, I was left wondering whether DD was making a joke, tried to tell me to get lost or simply repeated another fancy phrase she recently learned. And with her, it truly is hard to know.


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